2018 Summer Retreat: Her Cry to Herself

2018 Summer Retreat: Her Cry to Herself


“The Song of Genesis: 7 Stars, 7 Masters, 7 Dragons”
4 Talks from our annual Summer Retreat: Laura Clarke Stelmok
June 2018 ~ Whitefield, Maine
Available as download: Single ZIP file containing 4 tracks in MP3 format

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A given history is born within each of us.  Genesis—the power of birth within creation, the transformation of the human heart, whether we want to speak through the stars, the masters, or the dragons.  The worlds unite here:  Heaven, Earth, Human.  This is a tradition that cherishes, guards with all of her might, that a human being can become true.  Love upon love upon love upon love.  The mystery never ceases for as long as the human heart turns. 

1. An Introduction 32:25
2. 7 Stars, 7 Masters, 7 Dragons 18:24
3.  Notes are Written in the Wind 10:58
4.  Her Cry to Herself 19:10