blue moon

Rockland and Whitefield * Maine

We practice in a tradition of silent remembrance and meditation of the heart—God is the silent emptiness and is therefore most easily reached in silence. Meditation is followed by spiritual discussion and dreamwork. Dreamwork is regarded as the modern equivalent to the ancient teaching stories of mystics. Participants are encouraged to share their own dreams.

We meet in Rockland on Tuesdays and in Whitefield on Fridays. 6:30-9:00 pm. The days and weeks we are meeting are found below in the Google Calendar. 

If you are interested in our meditation group or for more information,  EMAIL US.  PHONE US.

GOOGLE CALENDAR:  There are some weeks we are working away. For every week we are meeting, there is an entry in the calendar below.  If there is no entry there is no meditation group that week.