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Harriet Mosher
Laura Clarke Stelmok, President


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Laura Stelmok, Program Director
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Laura earned a BA (Religion and German) from Bowdoin College '83 and a MA in Acupuncture from the Worsley Institute of Classical Acupuncture (FL) & The College of Traditional Acupuncture (UK) '92. She studied many years with JR Worsley, who brought an ancient root of Chinese medicine to the West from China in the 1970’s. This is a living tradition of medicine, still handed directly from teacher to student through time. Unlike in the West, the sacred root of the tradition has not been cut in thousands of years of practice. She has been in private clinical practice since 1992 and has taught post-graduate 5 Element Theory and Clinical Supervision groups since 2005. 

Laura apprenticed with a Master Acupuncturist from 1992-2006. Fueled by her devotion to find cause and treatment for illness in her patients, this apprenticeship pointed her upstream, back and in to the ancient protocols of Taoist Medicine. In time, these alchemical protocols returned her, in the presence of her spiritual teacher in 2011, to this esoteric tradition of light, the Songs of Creation, and the transmission from teacher to teacher. 

Laura apprenticed and worked with Alexandra Merrill and Joyce Weir for 20 years in training groups of women; the practice of female authority rooted in the forgotten body of the feminine. 

In 2012 The Unseen Hand was formed and Laura began teaching full time.  A retreat center was made to house her work, the tradition and the school arriving from Antiquity.  As a place of learning and retreat, it is a refuge for those in need of such teaching and care. She works with groups in residential week-long quarterly retreats, weekly meditation groups, public conversations, and as part of the “The 3 Lights Project” a 10-year project for groups of artists in Maine, Vermont and NYC that meets 9 weekends/year. The teachings are being collected in audio and video recordings as well as Laura’s writing.

Laura is the first President and Program Director of The Unseen Hand: Medicine from Antiquity.  The Unseen Hand is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. She currently lives in Maine with her family, devoting their work to the golden thread of teachers that return this medicine to our time.