2017 Summer Retreat: The Imprint of Prayer

2017 Summer Retreat: The Imprint of Prayer


"The Song of Genesis: 7 Stars, 7 Masters, 7 Dragons"
the Opening Talk of the retreat week: Laura Clarke Stelmok
June 2017 ~ Whitefield, Maine
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This Song arrives from a mystical tradition that is rooted in the promise of a true human being.  What it is to be a true human being.  A tradition capable of removing obstacle and initiating transformation.  A tradition that purifies and awakens the human heart.

The Song of Genesis: 7 Stars, 7 Masters, 7 Dragons can correct the disturbance of the spirits because of the sacred living substance of the Divine in every living particle of life, not because of us.  The Song of the 7 Dragons is a love song. It is the cure to reach the sorrow that will not leave you. 

When the names were given to Adam in the beginning, the names of everything here, they were written in fire inside the heart of human beings.  Hidden, secret, esoteric traditions, tiny groups of people who burn with a call to truth, to learn this language of fire inside of the heart.  It’s a language of revelation.  Those that carried and lived these words of fire have been called by many names.  This hidden language carries the secrets of the divine and creation inside. In Chinese medicine one of the functions of blood is to house the spirits.  This hidden language of fire carries the secrets of God and creation.  As I said before, the Song of Dragons is an apprenticeship freely given to anyone in need.  But to live inside it, to be taught inside it, is a promise.

"Two Figures" Painting by Priscilla Cross / Summer Retreat: Song of Genesis June 2017