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Sheepscot Hollow


Farm, Field, Forest, Pond, River
Whitefield, Maine
(Sheepscot:  River and Bay in Maine.  Derived from the tribal word sipsa-conta, meaning “bird-flocking river” or “little bird place.”)

Sheepscot Hollow is an old Maine farm settled in the early 18th century. Before being farmed by Europeans it was a camping and hunting place that was used seasonally by the tribal people moving along the river. The Sheepscot River valley is home to salmon, eagle, osprey, coyote, mountain lion, hawk, owl, bobcat, deer, fox, moose, otter, turkey, fisher, mink, frog, 

turtle, and salamander to name just a few. Our work lives on these 80 acres of field and forest along the Sheepscot River. The work of the Songs of Creation roots in this place.

Our retreats gather here 8 times a year. Individuals and small groups also travel throughout the year for personal 1-10 day retreat. With 3 small outbuildings near the farmhouse, we can sleep and feed up to 40 people. There are fields for tenting 3 seasons/year. 

In addition to retreats and small groups, Sheepscot Hollow has a small "farm clinic" with 3 practitioners that brings patients, both local and from all over the US, throughout the week for treatment and retreat.