Tuition / 2017 retreats

blue moon

REGISTRATION:  Please email Noah: The Unseen Hand  no less than 2 weeks prior to the retreat. 

  • A non-refundable deposit (Room and Board) is required upon registration. Please register no less than 2 weeks prior to the retreat, as we purchase food and supplies well before the workshop begins. When you register, let us know if you have any specific dietary needs or concerns. We will accommodate individual requests when possible. 
  • Please Note: Our retreat center is home to one dog and one cat. If you have allergies to pets, please discuss this with Noah when you register. We do have rooms that are pet-free.
  • Professional CEU's available for all retreats upon request.

Please contact us if you require individual financial arrangements.  We remain present and flexible to the economic challenges of our lives. 

Payment Plans & Tuition Assistance: Arrangements are to be made before registration. For more information  CLICK HERE

3 SEASONS PASS 2017: Tuition Discount for all 3 Retreats (15%)

ROOM & BOARD / (DEPOSIT for each of the 3 Retreats)

TUITION: Full and Student Rates

Payment Plans: arrangements made with office 2 weeks prior
The 2017 "Everything Pass"

(A 25% discount to be paid by March 15, 2017)

Tuition for the annual curriculum of both The Unseen Hand and The Virtue of HeavenEarth. This includes: The 3 Lights Project, the 3 Maine Retreats, and all clinical work of The Virtue of Heaven/Earth.

Room and Board can be paid in a lump sum or separately at the time of each retreat.