public talks & conversations

blue moon

2018 the turning of the season ~  Conversations at the farm

Doorkeepers of Love: The work of this Ancient Tradition
Public Talks with Laura Clarke Stelmok.


SPRING:  “Calling the Rain”
AUTUMN:  "Magic, Medicine and Miracles: A Tradition of Song"
WINTER:  "She, who remains forever Nameless. The Sacred Feminine."

WHEN: Sunday afternoon tea & conversation from 4-6:00 pm:  
March 11th, September 23rd, December 23rd

WHERE: Sheepscot Hollow, Whitefield, Maine
For information, please EMAIL or PHONE our office.

All are welcome.  Free of charge. These afternoon teas are wonderful opportunities to invite friends, family, anyone with a interest in our work. 

To watch videos of these conversations: CLICK HERE


2018 At the Kitchen Table: A 10 year Conversation

"Magic, Medicine and Mastery" A Conversation through time with Laura Clarke Stelmok and Travis Laplante
The cultivation of the Heart required for the training of the Creative Imagination, the devotional response to the Muse. The anguish, responsibility and the promise in the call to the working artist of our time.

WHERE: 308 West 30th St. New York City
WHEN: June 6th 6:30-8:00pm

TO VIEW VIDEOS OF CONVERSATIONS IN 2015 AND 2016:  These videos will be available soon. We apologize for our delay.

2018 vermont clinic talks

“One Hand. One Heart. A Medicine of Oneness”

WHEN:  Thursday 4/26 7-9:00 pm CANCELED
     RESCHEDULED:  Thursday 11/15  7-9:00
WHERE: Office of Traditional Acupuncture 3 Spring Street #2 Montpelier VT 05602
CONTACT: Taylore Grymonnt   EMAIL  or PHONE

2018 heaven. earth. human: The forgotten conversation

"To Praise the Source of Life. One and All."   Public conversations in Putney, Vermont

WHEN: August 5, 2017  6:30-8:30 pm
WHERE:  Sword Hands Acupuncture & Qi Gong
133 Main St. Putney, Vermont (located in the Gleanery building)
CONTACT:  Sarah Laplante  EMAIL or PHONE our office.

All are welcome.  Free of charge.

Ancient Taoist Medicine is a living, incarnate map. Practices that arise from an esoteric wisdom tradition reaching from the very root of life. The medicine and teachings are passed from teacher to student, practitioner to patient. As the acupuncture points are brought alive, in some cases repaired, the conversations between Heaven, Earth, and the Human Being are restored.  

In a time of crisis on Earth, we increasingly face the experience of severance from the natural order. Communication has become conflicted as the ecological and spiritual crisis deepens in the fabric of life. The damage to the weave of life in all life forms is without precedent in our history. And with this also comes the devastation to the heart of humanity: confusion in relationship to the Sacred, to our Earth and to ourselves.  

Taoist medicine and practice address imbalance on the level of body, mind, and spirit. The Songs of Creation remember and restore the communication and resonance of the spirits. They are restored internally, and in time, through the individual, offered back to creation.

All are welcome.  Free of charge.