2015 Winter Retreat: The Heart. A Golden Compass.

2015 Winter Retreat: The Heart. A Golden Compass.


"The Song of Heaven in 3 Notes: The Dark Behind the Dark"
Winter Retreat of The 3 Lights Project
Teaching excerpts gathered from the weekend: Laura Clarke Stelmok
December 2015 ~ Whitefield, Maine
Available as download: Single ZIP file containing 9 tracks in MP3 format

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The Song of Heaven restores the emptiness, the void in the heart of an individual, of a group, a group of seekers willing to be used as one heart and one hand.  To reach Heaven in the heart of our world. Restore love as the Lord and Sovereign of life. Only through the emptiness of the human heart does the love reach its’ mark. The human heart.

Imagine a golden compass that spins in the vast space between suns. Imagine within this oracle the particular instrument lies dormant. The recognition of all sound, every name. We were given to the capacity to live the communication between all worlds. We have settled for so little.  This is the authority given from the emptiness of the heart. Remember that we travel through Her, to meet Her.

1. A Genesis Story  6:10
2. The Conception of the 3 Lights Project 4:22
3. The Song of Heaven Returns 11:4
4. The Emerald Table Recited 4:28
5. The Song of Heaven / The Opening Talk 10:24
6. At the Border 20:17
7. The Descent  6:42
8. Conversation Further In 7:38
9. Kamal Posh 5:07