2016 Winter Retreat: A Request. A Response. A Promise.

2016 Winter Retreat: A Request. A Response. A Promise.


"The Song of Heaven in 3 Notes: The Dark Behind the Dark"
Winter Retreat of The 3 Lights Project
Teaching excerpts gathered from the weekend: Laura Clarke Stelmok
December 2016 ~ Whitefield, Maine
Available as download: Single ZIP file containing 5 tracks in MP3 format

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This is a tradition that carries, awakens and lives the magic in creation. A tradition of guardianship of the deep intelligence and mystery of Love. This is an esoteric tradition. Hidden. Teachings and training through time. Ever present, that waits, a mystical tradition of grace.  To weave Love into the hearts of people, Love into the story of life.  One person; one soul at a time.  The longing for the real is resurrected.  We are freed.  Life itself is freed from the illusory world our egos have fashioned.  This is a tradition that comes from the beginning.  A direct chain of transmission.

We live in a time of madness. A time when life as we know it is dying.  This is a tradition at the hem of the Almighty.  It is given for the outpouring of love form the one to the many.  The mystical feminine holds the key to this work.  Her gaze, the milk of God. The Song of Heaven in three notes is an invitation. A plea.  A living prayer.  To guide us, to remember us, to take our hand toward our end.  The love which passeth all understanding. The dark behind the dark. Her black eyes in which every lover longs to lose herself, himself for one for all, for Love itself.

1. A Song of Home 23:14
2. The Need of the Time 12:44
3.  Between the Lillies and the Roses 25:22
4.  To Respond 9:25
5.  Visibility 5:51