2017 Winter Retreat: She, the secret hidden in the darkness of Creation

2017 Winter Retreat: She, the secret hidden in the darkness of Creation


"The Song of Heaven in 3 Notes: The Dark Behind the Dark"
Winter Retreat of The 3 Lights Project
Teaching excerpts gathered from the weekend: Laura Clarke Stelmok
December 2017 ~ Whitefield, Maine
Available as download: Single ZIP file containing 5 tracks in MP3 format

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“Because all creation was formed through Her, as in the twinkling of an eye.”  Hildegard von Bingen

The Song of Heaven, She, listens to every breath.  She, The secret hidden in the darkness of creation.  The secret light of Heaven inside. Waiting. Calling. The Song of Heaven is a descent, down. A testing, a training, a love affair. To the root of the root of yourself.  She who waits in the darkness.  It is a journey through layers of deception.  To be undone by love. On Earth as it is in Heaven.

In our time we are living a nightmare of the masculine principle that has gone awry. We are trapped in a very bad dream, a dream of taking at any cost.  A dream of war.  A terrible, terrible dream of greed.  The Song of Heaven calls us back to Her. 

Our disconnection from the heart of our world leaves all of life afraid. More every week. The elementals, the ghosts, the jinn, not to mention the large mammals and the birds.  And us. The Song of Heaven carries instructions from the beginning. She knows how life works at the deepest level. Her first instruction long ago to the first women who were given the thread to carry for all. Her first instruction to reach the root, to repair the severance, is to face oneself, to face what terrifies you.

1. Opening Talk 55:59
2. Early Conversations 20:08
3. Sun and Moon 9:41
4. We Forget 6:28
5. Stories 14:33