Montreal 2019

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2 NEW WORKSHOPS IN MONTREAL * November 15-17, 2019



The 13 Ghost Points
An Introduction: The 1st Trinity

 The Virtue of HeavenEarth: 5 Element Taoist Medicine
Practitioner Development & Training

 Friday Nov 15th 6-10pm & Saturday 16th 9:30am-1pm
A 1-day workshop in 2 days

PDF with further details: PLEASE CLICK HERE

2 Videos from Introductory Teachings on The 13 Ghost Points
November 2014


As Above So Below
”As All Things were from One”

 The Turning of the Heart
A 5-year on-going group

Saturday Nov 16th 6-10pm & Sunday 17th 11am-7pm
A 2 day workshop

PDF with further details: PLEASE CLICK HERE



To Register:

  • Email us for EITHER or BOTH 2 weeks prior to the workshops.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Neither of these workshops are residential. Neither food nor housing is provided.

  • CEU'S: Professional CEU’s from the state of Maine are available for the 13 Ghost Point workshop. If you would like CEU’s please let us know when you register. NCCAOM PDA’s will be available beginning in 2020.

  • Please email  Noah Stelmok  or phone 207.594.9211

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Please contact us if you require individual financial arrangements.  We remain present and flexible to the economic challenges of our lives. 

  • Payment Plans & Tuition Assistance: Arrangements are to be made a minimum of 2 WEEKS prior to registration.

  • For more information  CLICK HERE

  • Student Discounts: We offer a 40% discount to anyone matriculated in any on-going degree program.

2019 Montreal Workshops ~ Tuition in CAD dollars
2019 Montreal Workshops ~ Tuition in US dollars