the Turning of the season

blue moon

2017 The Turning of the Season:  "Doorkeepers of Love: Conversations about the work of this tradition and The Unseen Hand."
Public Interviews with Laura Clarke Stelmok.  

Spring:  "An Introduction to our work in this time."
Summer:  "A Tradition of Alchemy: to participate in the magic of Creation"
Autumn:  "She who remains forever nameless: The Divine Feminine"
Winter:  "Doorkeepers of Love: To keep watch on and for the world"

To watch video recordings of these conversations CLICK HERE

Friday afternoon tea at Sheepscot Hollow from 2-4:00 pm:  March 10th, June 16th, September 29th, December 22nd

All are welcome.  Free of charge. These afternoon teas are wonderful opportunities to invite friends, family, anyone with a interest in our work. 

Sheepscot Hollow, Whitefield, Maine
For information, please EMAIL or PHONE our office.

Our Friday evening meditation group will follow from 6:30-9:00pm for anyone who wishes to stay.