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For millennia, the Masters of Esoteric Tradition have watched over life, the seeding of consciousness and the communication between the inner worlds and this one. Through the hearts of mystics, traditions of art and medicine and science, this tradition brings forward these ancient Songs of Creation.
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We gather through the grace of the tradition:
 1. to learn disciplines of inner cultivation and service: awakening the senses, cleansing the heart; disciplines to restore our capacity to interact directly with the divinity of life.
 2.  to tend a diminishing light in our selves, our people, our planet.
 3.  to mend atrocities of error in the inner worlds as well as this physical world of appearances. To restore humility, integrity and dignity of life.
 4. to weave a structure of relationship that will support and nourish each participant's  life through teaching and experience with the inner, hidden miracles of life.
 5. to preserve and watch over the Light, that it will infuse our heart and language, restore the sound of reconciliation to our word.
The 3 groups share a common purpose, though the focus and need of each one will be distinct. We come together in the time-honored way of servants of truth, sharing time, prayer, and a living tradition of companionship and transmission. "Thus every outer has an inner; every inner has a secret; and every secret has a reality."  The groups have no religious affiliation; it is open to all.    
Each year the 3 groups will come together in Maine for 4 days and 4 nights.
The Winter Solstice * One Light


Life has a substance that can allow the unexpected to happen. When we participate directly with this hidden substance, we can weave patterns of magic into the fabric of creation.   Spiritual Power: How it Works Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee




GreenLight is a place where the dreams/archetypal complexes that have governed life as we know it give way.  The force of life in this group is raw, urgent, primal. Current participants speak how the weekend feels like 7 days. Green, the power of Genesis, arrives through any previously believed obstacle. GreenLight is a group that will continue to grow. The archetypal structures that underpin life arrive, each time, through the opening ceremony of the group, and guide us down and in. Great hilarity and terrifying leaps, both, arrive beneath our feet. The work is surprising and reaches into some of the most dense and imprisoning complexes of our time.

The 3 Lights Project began with GreenLight in 2014. The work matures with time and deepening commitment from those present. The group works with the land and the place itself, the borders of consciousness. Teaching, Silence, Conversation. GreenLight meets 3 times/year; 2 weekends/year at our retreat center in Maine and once as part of the annual 3 Lights Retreat.  GreenLight hosts this retreat "The Song of Heaven" each year around the Winter Solstice. (see below)

Sheepscot Hollow
28 Nilsen Lane
Whitefield, ME 04353
Slideshow of Sheepscot Hollow

4/6-8 SPRING #13 ~ Fri 5pm until Sun 5pm
8/4-6 SUMMER #14 ~Fri 5pm until Sun Sun 5pm
12/14-17 WINTER #15 The Song of Heaven ~ All 3 Lights ~ Thursday 5pm-Sunday midnight

TUITION: $450/year + room&board

Lantern is hidden.  A light hidden in the night of our collective psyche that bids certain wayfarers to leave home, no matter the cost. This group travels together, as servant, scribe into the unknown riverbeds of our western consciousness.  This land of the gods, the inner archetypal world has been desecrated by human entitlement: our insatiable lust for power, meaning, profit and esteem. We no longer know the difference between imagination and fantasy and those who knew how to travel between these worlds in service to the soul of the Earth and humanity are very few now.

The group meets 3x's per year; 2 times in Vermont and once as part of the annual 3 Lights Retreat in Maine. (see below)  The group gathers in a retreat center in Vermont where the land has been tended for many decades.

To be received by the inner world requires training the imagination, purifying the heart, and a spiritual practice of atonement.  This group will include study, writing and deep intimacy as  part of the work.  The territory is the dream, the vision, the world within the world to which the soul longs to travel. This work demands humility that we may be servants to preserve life.  And also devotion, that pollen waiting to be found in the inner world may travel back with us into our world now.

The Empty Center
421 Deer Ridge Rd. 
Townshend, VT05353

5/11-14SPRING ~ Gathering #7 ~  Fri 5pm until Sun 5pm
10/5-8AUTUMN ~ Gathering #8 ~ Fri 5pm until Sun 5pm
12/15-18  WINTER ~ The 3 Lights ~ The Song of Heaven ~ Maine ~ Thurs 5 pm-Sun midnight

TUITION: $450/year + room&board

The magic of creation, the sacred intelligence inside life, weaves stories of love back into life. We live in a time of madness...a time when life as we know it is dying, the colors dimming to grey, our hearts running for cover. Streetlamp calls to those artists, those human beings who cry out for Beauty, for training and companionship in the hidden chambers of Love, the original home of the Muse. 

Streetlamp is the third group of the 3 Lights Project. Our work happens in the theater of the public domain. We will live and work inside a 7-year "performance". Musicians, Dancers, Surgeons, Writers, Sculptors...a call to those artists in the truest sense of the word, who are working to see and hear what is coming. Those, who, from within, feel a requirement to respond. The Muse waits. The Medicine waits.

Artists know how to give themselves entirely to the blank page. Physicians to the precision and excellence required to reach the cure. Scribes to the greatest mystery of the Heart itself. Physicians, Artists, Scribes: their hands together can bring through the fragrance of the Source. 

We gather at a word that cannot be spoken, only heard, only approached through the trained heart of a sincere human being. Neither ceremony nor theater. Neither past nor future. Neither male nor female, day nor night. Where the longing of Life for Life is lived. We are in service to our world, to the promise that we ourselves become the seed. This work trains artists to enter the unknown. The work purifies and releases the imagination from the confines of this culture. 

TUITION: No tuition for work in NYC. ($25-50 suggested donation)
$150 for Winter Retreat + room&board

New York City ~ TBA

6/3-4 SUMMER ~ Gathering #4: The Beginning 12 noon-8pm
10/14-15 OR 10/21-22 ~ Exact date and location TBA
12/14-17 WINTER ~ The 3 Lights ~ The Song of Heaven ~ Maine ~ Thurs 5pm-Sun midnight

We gather near the Winter Solstice once a year, 3 groups, 3 lights together, for a residential retreat. At the hand of the Song of Heaven, we enter a dream hidden inside the dream we call our lives, a journey into a world within our world. We respond to a desolate call that comes for us. This is not a retreat to "know yourself" as an individual, rather to enter the Oneness of life, where each note, each person is a unique expression of the One.

Her gaze is the Milk of God. One touch and She can heal all that is ill. The Song of Heaven in 3 Notes is a plea, a promise, a living prayer. It is a constellation of 3 stars, 3 notes, 3 directions, 3 worlds. Heaven Earth Human.  It comes alive in the innermost chamber of your heart, calling to you. To guide you, to remember you, to take your hand toward your end, the love which passeth all understanding. The dark behind the dark. Her black eyes in which the lover longs to lose herself, himself. For One. For All. For Love itself.

The Song of Heaven is a training that restores the emptiness, the void in the heart of an individual, of a group of seekers. To reach Heaven in the heart of the world, restore love as the Lord and Sovereign. The human heart...imagine a golden compass that spins in the vast space between suns. Imagine within this oracle, this particular instrument, there lies dormant the recognition of all sound, every name. We were given the capacity to live the communication between all worlds. We need return to the core of our being, to the place where the sacred comes into existence. The mystical feminine holds the key to this work of redemption.

Sheepscot Hollow
28 Nilsen Lane
Whitefield, ME 04353
Slideshow of Sheepscot Hollow

12/14-17 WINTER ~ Maine ~ Thurs 5pm-Sun midnight

TUITION: Included in tuition for all 3 Lights. $125 + room&board for single event.