2016 Spring Retreat: Secrets of Love

2016 Spring Retreat: Secrets of Love


"The Song of 12 Points Shining Bright as the Starry Sky"
Teaching excerpts gathered from the retreat week: Laura Clarke Stelmok
March 2016 ~ Whitefield, Maine
Available as download:Single ZIP file containing 9 tracks in MP3 format

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 "The Song of the 12 Points Shining Bright as the Starry Sky and Able to Heal All the Many Diseases" is a secret, very deep in your heart, left for you to find.  There is a tradition of those who listen to the secret of love inside of life itself, inside of the soul’s incarnation on earth.  When we learn to listen to love, our eyes will still.  Once still they can be cleansed.  The rain can wash them clean for the love of God.  So much filth in our mind comes through our eyes, is in how we see, the habits of our sight. And when love is awoken in our hearts, we remember why we’re here.  Exactly the way a flower opens, we want to make a promise.  The angels laugh.  So too the devils, and something very deep in the human heart longs for our word to be true.  Living the Song of the Starry Sky will break the curse, heal the disease, sever the attachment holding the wayfarer to the past or the future.  Through the maze of one’s mind and this world, the veils of light and dark, this living Song sings the forgotten promise of the soul’s union with God.  By Her hand the secret of love is revealed. 

1. Introduction 44:08
2. The Perfect Human Being 6:56
3. A Creation Myth 10:08
4. Spaces of the Heart 9:34
5. Group Life 7:30
6. Reflected from Heart to Heart: A dream  8:14
7. The Lower Nature 18:15
8. The Invitation to the Song 6:36
9. To Die Before We Die 11:39