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blue moon

Talks given by Laura Clarke Stelmok are available for sale below. Recordings are listed by the program and then chronologically by the year the talk was given. Thank you for your patronage. 


public talks

4 annual Retreats: Spring Summer Autumn Winter

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The 3 Lights project 

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Seek only that for which you have no hope.

3 Groups inside an ancient esoteric tradition of cultivation, devotion and service.  Each group meets 3 weekends/year. The hands of the masters, such excavation: awakening the senses, cleansing the heart.  To reveal the human capacity to preserve and interact directly with life.  Three focal points, one light, given to bear witness and watch over the sacred root of life. These alchemical disciplines include learning to work with dreams and the art of deep listening, to guide the Way and transform the darkness within.  The crucible of the human heart: to stand between Heaven and Earth and praise the Source of our being.

A 10 Year Project  2014-2024
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