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We are beginning to make available an archive of older audio talks given by Laura Clarke Stelmok.  We will continue to add to this archive over the years. All talks are available as MP3 files for listening on-site or downloading. Recordings are listed below chronologically by the year the talk was given.

2019 PUBLIC TALK Montreal, Quebec
"The Alchemical Tradition at the root of Taoist Medicine: The 7 Dragons and The 13 Ghost Points”
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2016 SONG OF 7 ~ Excerpts
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2 CLINIC TALKS ~ Stillpoint Acupuncture Clinic / Rockland, ME


SPRING RETREAT 2014 / Opening Talk: The 12 Points Shining Bright as the Starry Sky and Able to Heal All Disease.

The three worms destroy the three spirits.  The human has to be changed until she or he can become a receptacle for the nonhuman.  To be changed until she or he does not interfere with the non-human dimension.  The shen are not human.  Alchemy is a medicine.  It is our longing made incarnate.  It is a discipline that only the maddest of people are interested in.  It reverses the creative shen cycle.  It reverses the natural order, the way, the momentum of the turning of the seasons.  And it does not do this randomly. The promise of staying in the vessel is that you will be made more simple.  Spiritual life is a path of losing.  We are revealed.  The sculptor, whether we name that sculptor the Tao, or God, or the wind, reveals the inherent essence of who you are.