Spiritual Courtesy and Transformation

Spiritual Courtesy and Transformation


April 2017 ~ Whitefield, Maine
GreenLight (2014-2024): a 10 Year Group
1 Talk 78 mins from the spring weekend: Laura Clarke Stelmok
Available as download: Single mp3 file

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Increasingly I am learning the force that is required to live the courtesy of the soul. It requires power. It requires discipline, and it requires strength. In this culture in this time this courtesy is not natural, begs to be remembered. With grace and cultivation, it becomes the nature of our being.  But that takes some time. And faith in full measure.

To bear the heat. To learn to bear the heat of love. The intelligence of love. That is what GreenLight is for me. 

“Let us go hand in hand. Let us enter the presence of truth. Let it be our judge. Let it imprint it’s seal upon our union forever.” Ibn al' Arabi