Conversations As We Begin

Conversations As We Begin


May 2015 ~ Townshend, Vermont
Lantern (2015-2022): a 7 Year Group
Teaching excerpts from the opening weekend: Laura Clarke Stelmok
Available as download: Single ZIP file containing 6 tracks in MP3 format

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These recordings are excerpted from the first weekend retreat of Lantern. Introductory and preparatory conversations for a 7 year group. Part of The 3 Lights Project (2014-2024), the group travels deep into the inner world of psyche, the Earth of Vision.

"This work demands humility and maturity and tremendous focus, that we may be servants to preserve truth within life.  That pollen waiting to be found in the inner world may travel back with us into our world now, for our children’s children’s children. Dignity is restored when we live for what is not yet here."

And as Rumi says, Each and every part of the world is a snare for the fool and a means of deliverance for the wise.  I said to the white haired world, you are both snare and admonition.  It replied, “Although I am an ancient master, I am still his young disciple.”  You see these masters were not painting pictures for the sake of painting pictures.  They are leaving instructions.  But you have to walk in their feet to know what they are saying.  These are not love poems for what we call love now.  These are instructions in Love.

“To learn to watch Love. The instructions inside of Love.  The love goes where it is needed, and it goes with the texture and the speed which is needed to get there.  Love is dynamic, always changing. You can watch it in the group.  You can watch it in the medicine.  You can watch it looking out the window, listening to someone talk, and within your heart. "

1. The 4 Things Needed for Alchemy 23:33
2. What must not be forgotten about humans 8:00
3. A soldier of two worlds 15:19
4. Cold in the heart of the human 7:48
5. The Three Lights 13:15
6. Lantern 8:52