2018 Streetlamp Summer: The Last 15 Minutes

2018 Streetlamp Summer: The Last 15 Minutes


June 2018 ~ New York City
Streetlamp (2016-2023): a 7 Year Group
Teaching excerpts from the weekend: Laura Clarke Stelmok
Available as download: Single ZIP file containing 2 tracks in MP3 format

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“The pure note in us allows us to enter a conversation of word, sound, image, and idea.  The creative faculty is a medium in itself designed to take the seeker beyond the traditional realms of herself into a location of divine knowledge where fear and envy do not exist.  It is in the instructions of life to allow such an intercommunication to allow the “hand to be taken” by the love of the Masters.  A Song of Creation was returned to invite the imagination back into the realms of life, to re-enliven and resuscitate its existence on earth.  Without Imagination the earth will die, because we will not be able to reach her.  There will be no direct line of communication between her soul and ours. “

1. A Poem and A Letter (read by Laura Stelmok) 7:12
”Black, Midnight, Ebony” written by Dena Gold, Streetlamp 2018
A letter received from Sarah H. Paulson, February 2018, Correspondence inside of Streetlamp
2. The History of The 3 Lights 30:41