2018 Streetlamp Autumn: The Wait at the Door

2018 Streetlamp Autumn: The Wait at the Door


October 2018 ~ New York City
Streetlamp (2016-2023): a 7 Year Group
Teaching excerpts from the weekend: Laura Clarke Stelmok
Available as download: Single ZIP file containing 5 tracks in MP3 format

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“A conversation in the middle of the night in the center of Lonely in the rage of waste and every unspeakable word. A conversation that matters. That is given, not taken. That is given back into the weaver’s hands. Please may we remember. Please see what I have become. Please protect me from the Night. Please listen. Please be quiet. Please teach me how to love. Even here. Even now. A conversation around which the city falls. Where all that we use to enforce our differences falls into rubble. A conversation that defuses the bomb secretly. That addresses the rose, once again, as the secret She is.”

Streetlamp Autumn 2018
1. Introduction: From Inside of the Phone Booth 25:54
2. “Black, Midnight, Ebony” (read by Laura Stelmok) 20:38
A Poem by Dena Gold Streetlamp 2018
3. Streetlamp 13:02
4. 2 Poems “Holy Land” 5:52
Written by Dena Gold Streetlamp 2018
5. The Wait at the Door 6:09