2018 Lantern Spring: To Bear Her Gaze

2018 Lantern Spring: To Bear Her Gaze


May 2018 ~ Townshend, Vermont
Lantern (2015-2022): a 7 Year Group
Teaching excerpts from the weekend: Laura Clarke Stelmok
Available as download: Single ZIP file containing 2 tracks in MP3 format

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“it’s one of the things, the audacity needed each time one enters the group, is remembering THAT presence with one another that we have cut ourselves off from. To sit beside one another and wait for the word that matters.  To remember that conversation isn’t a dumping ground for all the ways we’re trying to impress ourselves or express our fears.  Really waiting for the word that matters.  I spoke to her, about the Songs of Creation. They are call and response.  Many, many spiritual traditions are in their essence call and response, because it’s the way you enter this movement of Her. 

  1. The Austerity of the Night 9:48

  2. To Bear Her Gaze 4:48