2018 GreenLight Summer: Three Circles

2018 GreenLight Summer: Three Circles


July 2018 ~ Whitefield, Maine
GreenLight (2014-2021): a 7 Year Group
Teaching excerpts from the weekend: Laura Clarke Stelmok
Available as download: Single ZIP file containing 3 tracks in MP3 format

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The three circles:  The Stone Church, the place where the tree roots, and the hearth.  Where we gather for conversation and prayer this week. We are learning about moving between different times, different worlds, in service to hidden currents of love. The human heart is the meeting place of the worlds and we are untrained. There’s something about how we live in the 3 lights that is teaching us, not a how-to manual, rather how we actually live. We move into one circle something happens, we move out, we travel to the next.  There is something in the movement between that works more like a dream, that works more at the level of human rather than the level of the individual person. We live in a very secular culture and we are accustomed to relationships that are very horizontal, very informational. And this is a tradition that illuminates souls. Three Circles, one light.

1. The Stone Church 56:08
2. Three Circles 8:34
3. The Loom 30:28