2018 3 Lights: DISCOUNT for purchase of all 2018 teachings PART I

2018 3 Lights: DISCOUNT for purchase of all 2018 teachings PART I

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GreenLight 2018 and the Winter Retreat: Song of Heaven in 3 Notes
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GreenLight Summer 2018 ”Three Circles”
1. The Stone Church 56:08
2. Three Circles 8:34
3. The Loom 30:28

The three circles:  the Stone Church, the place where the tree roots, and the hearth.  Where we gather for conversation and prayer this week. We are learning about moving between different times, different worlds, in service to hidden currents of love. The human heart is the meeting place of the worlds and we are untrained. There’s something about how we live in the 3 lights that is teaching us, not a how-to manual, rather how we actually live. We move into one circle something happens, we move out, we travel to the next.  There is something in the movement between that works more like a dream, that works more at the level of human rather than the level of the individual person. We live in a very secular culture and we are accustomed to relationships that are very horizontal, very informational. And this is a tradition that illuminates souls. Three Circles, one light.

Winter Retreat December 2018 “Retreat, Magic and Prayer”
"The Song of Heaven in 3 Notes: The Dark Behind the Dark"

1. The 3 Lights 1:20:00
2. To Wait 9:54
3. In the Spaces 15:30

“This particular retreat holds the Three Lights Project. It’s the retreat that the 3 lights project was dreamt out of and the place that the 3 Lights projects come once a year to be nourished, to be given something in the dark of the heart that we then carefully live over the coming year.  The retreat is in a certain sense like a dream that guides your feet to what is most essential. Retreat is a different time, a different place that the three groups, the 3 lights come to. Every retreat is a beginning. It’s a strange thing. In ancient wisdom traditions there’s very rigorous preparatory training. Some of it is very physical because you have to learn how to know that you are not your body. You learn to live without certain things. You learnt to tolerate discomfort. You are tricked, severely tricked to find out if your longing is true. If life betrays you, are you still willing to walk toward truth? If you are lost for 15 years on route to meet your teacher. When someone finds you, are you still on route to find your teacher, or have you been seduced by pomegranates or banana trees or raising goats? There’s a preparation to come into a tradition that works directly with the heart. “

Would you dare to believe that a door has been built through which there is no end to the Glory of the Light of God. I remember as a child reading of the door, at world’s end, in Narnia, through which Aslan led them all. The world of Light, Mundus Imaginalis, the Celestial World of Hurqualya. The World of the Soul. Would you dare to believe that a tree was grown there, from which a door was made and then given? Would you dare to believe that a guide appears at this door, to take you, one at a time, into this world of light upon light? Would you dare to believe that all that we hold dear—Violets and rainbows and the blue green sky?—Here on Earth, Her currents, the pathways of intelligence in every fiber of Her being come from There? That the magic of creation, the songs that give birth to life each and every moment originate there? That the spring of life to quench the thirst of each one of you, is there? Not here? Would you believe that we, humans, in our obsession to gain all, have destroyed the doors to the place where the First Tree grows? We have forgotten that this journey, back and in, is the purpose of incarnation.

To be born into a time when the sacred root of life has been severed requires facing ourselves, in ways we have not heretofore imagined.