2018 3 Lights: DISCOUNT for purchase of all 2018 teachings PART II

2018 3 Lights: DISCOUNT for purchase of all 2018 teachings PART II

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2018 Lantern (Spring and Summer) and 2018 Streetlamp (Summer and Autumn)

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Lantern Spring 2018
The Austerity of the Night 9:48
2. To Bear Her Gaze 4:48

“it’s one of the things, the audacity needed each time one enters the group, is remembering THAT presence with one another that we have cut ourselves off from. To sit beside one another and wait for the word that matters.  To remember that conversation isn’t a dumping ground for all the ways we’re trying to impress ourselves or express our fears.  Really waiting for the word that matters.  I spoke to her, about the Songs of Creation. They are call and response.  Many, many spiritual traditions are in their essence call and response, because it’s the way you enter this movement of Her. 

Lantern Summer 2018
1. Introduction: A Time of Miracle 23:01
2. Orientation 7:27

“The illumination of souls—that is why we are here.  That is the purpose of the light.  And through that, the worlds can communicate through us.  It’s so extraordinarily simple and precise at the same time. “

Streetlamp Summer 2018

1. A Poem and A Letter (read by Laura Stelmok) 7:12
”Black, Midnight, Ebony” written by Dena Gold, Streetlamp 2018
A letter received from Sarah H. Paulson, February 2018, Correspondence inside of Streetlamp
2. The History of The 3 Lights 30.41

“The pure note in us allows us to enter a conversation of word, sound, image, and idea.  The creative faculty is a medium in itself designed to take the seeker beyond the traditional realms of herself into a location of divine knowledge where fear and envy do not exist.  It is in the instructions of life to allow such an intercommunication to allow the “hand to be taken” by the love of the Masters.  A Song of Creation was returned to invite the imagination back into the realms of life, to re-enliven and resuscitate its existence on earth.  Without Imagination the earth will die, because we will not be able to reach her.  There will be no direct line of communication between her soul and ours. “

Streetlamp Autumn 2018
1. Introduction: From Inside of the Phone Booth 25:54
2. “Black, Midnight, Ebony” (read by Laura Stelmok) 20:38
A Poem by Dena Gold Streetlamp 2018
3. Streetlamp 13:02
4. 2 Poems “Holy Land” 5:52
Written by Dena Gold Streetlamp 2018
5. The Wait at the Door 6:09

“A conversation in the middle of the night in the center of Lonely in the rage of waste and every unspeakable word. A conversation that matters. That is given, not taken. That is given back into the weaver’s hands. Please may we remember. Please see what I have become. Please protect me from the Night. Please listen. Please be quiet. Please teach me how to love. Even here. Even now. A conversation around which the city falls. Where all that we use to enforce our differences falls into rubble. A conversation that defuses the bomb secretly. That addresses the rose, once again, as the secret She is.”